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Dr Anna M L Smith

Tel: 077175 70805

About Me

My own journey began with difficulties in my childhood home and personal loss. I learnt through self-discovery that making positive changes to my lifestyle & emotional health had a beneficial effect on my health.

My journey moved me through NHS GP surgeries to discover medical acupuncture and its wonderful benefits. I then pursued my lifelong interest in how our lifestyle factors of sleep, food, movement, and relaxation affect our health.

Finally I studied how our mind and body affect each other and our health, which is the missing piece in the puzzle.

I offer a holistic approach to your health.

 I am an experienced General Practitioner of 28 years who currently works as an NHS GP in West Oxfordshire. I qualified from St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical School, London.

I am a SIRPA trained Mind-Body Practitioner, I gained a Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine, and I am a Certified Lifestyle Physician. I am a Tiny Habits Coach.

I trained in Acupuncture at the British Medical Acupuncture Society in London who deliver gold standard training internationally and I gained both a Certificate and Diploma in Medical Acupuncture.

When you visit my clinic, you will have a holistic approach with an experienced GP leading to a tailored treatment plan in a friendly, caring environment. 

This is holistic medicine ... this is my passion... this gets results.

I consider myself to be a professional, calm, and compassionate GP

Please contact me for a no-obligation chat to determine the best treatment option for you.