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Dr Anna M L Smith

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The Holistic GP Blog

I Talk About Sleep Today...

03 July 2024
Sleep is hugely important to our health, as it allows time for our bodies to heal and repair, a good night's sleep can reduce the risk chronic dise...

Childhood Trauma – Why It Matters?

20 June 2024
I had the privilege this week of flying to Belfast to attend the Action Trauma Conference.

A Mind-Body Approach to Chronic Dizziness

13 May 2024
Chronic dizziness can be a challenging and distressing condition that greatly impacts daily life. When exploring this issue from a mind-body approa...

April is Stress Awareness Month! Do you suffer from Stress?

09 April 2024
Most people would recognise times in their life that have been stressful – acute stress which comes and then goes away is very useful.

Anxiety -What Is It? What Can I Do?

03 April 2024
I often ask my patients – What do you understand by anxiety? They usually look at me blankly…