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Dr Anna M L Smith

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A Mind-Body Approach to Migraines

20 February 2024
Older man with a headache

Migraine, a disorder characterized by recurrent, throbbing headaches often accompanied by nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, affects millions worldwide. I see many patients who suffer migraines in my clinic.

I use a mind-body approach to managing migraines which recognizes the intricate connection between psychological and physical factors in triggering and perpetuating these debilitating headaches.

With this holistic approach, emphasis is placed on understanding and addressing the interplay between the mind and body in the manifestation of migraines. Stress, anxiety, and emotional triggers are recognized as significant contributors to migraine episodes.

I ensure you i understand the physiological cause of central sensitisation and learnt neural pathways is key as well as cultivating awareness so you gain better control over reactions to stressors, potentially mitigating the impact on migraine occurrences.

The mind-body approach also emphasizes lifestyle modifications to promote overall well-being. Adequate consistent sleep, regular exercise, and a balanced diet are key factors in migraine management.

In conclusion, a mind-body approach to migraines recognizes the intricate relationship between psychological and physical factors in the onset and perpetuation of these headaches. By incorporating understanding of the physiology, lifestyle modifications, emotional and behavioural factors you can proactively manage migraines, promoting overall well-being and reducing the impact on your life.

By: Dr Anna Smith