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Dr Anna M L Smith

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New Year Resolutions

10 January 2024

I thought I would delay my New Year message until your motivation for new year resolutions is changing, because motivation is a wave.

New Year resolutions often come with huge aspirations, yet the challenge lies in sustaining them throughout the year.

I studied Tiny Habits, a concept popularized by Stanford behaviour scientist Dr. BJ Fogg, offers a refreshing approach to achieving resolutions. Instead of overwhelming ourselves with ambitious goals, tiny habits focus on small, manageable changes that gradually lead to significant transformations.

The beauty of tiny habits is in their simplicity.

Rather than vowing to hit the gym for hours every day, one might start with a tiny habit of doing 2 squats each morning. The key is to make the behaviour so small that it becomes almost impossible to skip. Over time, these tiny habits create a positive ripple effect, making it easier to adopt bigger changes.

Consider a resolution to read more books. Instead of setting an intimidating goal of finishing a book each week, start with a tiny habit of reading just one page before bedtime. This establishes a ritual that's easy to incorporate into daily life. As the habit becomes ingrained, the page may turn into a chapter, and eventually, finishing books becomes a regular part of one's routine.

The key is in consistency.

Whether it's drinking more water, practising mindfulness, or learning a new skill, breaking down resolutions into small, manageable actions increases the likelihood of success. These changes create a sense of accomplishment, reinforcing the belief that transformation is possible.

In the realm of New Year resolutions, this is a gentle nudge towards progress, encouraging individuals to focus on the journey rather than fixating on the end goal. By embracing the power of small actions, resolutions become less daunting and more attainable, ushering in a new year filled with achievable personal growth and positive change.

Happy New Year to you all.

By: Dr Anna Smith