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Dr Anna M L Smith

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Stress - The Energy Drain

25 March 2024
Man stressed with work

I am reading the book ‘Back in Control’ by David Hanscom

During his journey suffering with chronic pain- he searched everywhere for answers but one day asked himself

“If I am so enlightened, why am I still a workaholic? What am I hiding from?”

That was his turning point.

Stress often underlies illness in the modern day. Stress drains our energy.

To cope with stress, we need to build our reserves of energy by making healthy lifestyle choices such as good sleep, a healthy plant-based diet, plenty of exercise, relaxation, and a healthy dose of fresh air, but we also need to stop the drain of our energy – sadness, anger, and fear.

To stop the energy drain we need to start naming our emotions.

But why do emotions matter? Because I see my patients presenting to me with symptoms of chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression as well as symptoms of irritable bowel, migraine, headaches…and one of the factors underlying their condition is unexpressed emotions causing mental and physical symptoms.

There is a book called “The Body Holds the Score”. Such an apt title.

Some patients tell me “I don’t do emotions” but as babies and young children we all had emotions – we all laughed and cried.

I suggest to them we have just learnt to cover up our emotions with achievements, possessions, shopping, and distractions such as internet, TV, food, alcohol, sex, gambling … “having it all catches up with you!”

We keep filling the bath up with distractions while we forget to plug the energy drain.

The drain is fear, anger, sadness, loneliness…

We need to address our emotions to recover our energy so we can plug the drain, reduce stress, and reduce the physical toll on our mental and physical health.

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By: Dr Anna M L Smith