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Dr Anna M L Smith

Tel: 077175 70805

Employee Health Coaching

Building Healthy Habits

Behaviour elements
how our Emotions impact habits

Good Sleep Patterns

What is enough sleep?
The benefits of a good night's sleep
Habits that impact sleep
Foundations for good quality sleep

Top Tips to Improve Your Health

We look at the impact of food, sleep, relaxation & movement on our physical and mental health.

Food for Thought

What is a healthy diet?
The microbiome/gut health
How diet affects our health
Eating the Rainbow

Exercise for Health

Why exercise?
Different types of exercise
How much exercise is good for us
The benefits of exercise

Menopause Awareness

The symptoms of the menopause
Long term considerations
Practical workplace considerations
Medical and non-medical support for the menopause


"Brilliant talk! We don't often get a spontaneous round of applause at our clinical meetings, thanks so much! You got us buzzing"

Health & Wellness GP Webinars

Dr Anna Smith is available to give health webinars to groups of employees, please feel free to contact her to discuss your company's needs.