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Dr Anna M L Smith

Tel: 077175 70805

Health Coaching

Do you want to get fitter, lose weight, improve your sleep, relax more, or feel less stressed?

Do you have a diagnosis of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, menopause, anxiety, depression or osteoporosis?

Maybe you are worried about a risk of dementia? You may want to change behaviours in the way you sleep, eat, relax or move but don't know how to. Let me help you.

Book a free discovery call with me.

Let me enable you to live your best life!
Let me help you change what you want to change.

In the initial 2-hour session, we will explore how your lifestyle may be affecting your health and support you in deciding what areas you may wish to address or any goals you may set. We will explore how to make easy life-changing behaviours that are most beneficial for you and your health.

The aim of our sessions will be to improve your quality of life, enable a sense of wellbeing and help you feel your best self.

Book a free discovery call with me.

Lifestyle medicine is an evidence-based, non-pharmacological approach to physical and mental health. The approach includes whole food, movement, adequate sleep & stress management.

70% of chronic disease is related to our lifestyles, this includes Blood pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis, Obesity, Heart disease, Metabolic Syndrome and Osteoporosis. Mental health may also be improved with changes in lifestyle.

These lifestyle interventions will be alongside your usual medical care and treatment. I will not be performing any investigations at my clinic.

My clinic is based in West Oxfordshire, but sessions can happen comfortably over zoom.

Lifestyle Goals:

  • To improve Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Heart Disease and Menopause.
  • Mental Wellbeing.
  • General Health.
  • Stress Management.


"She is kind, professional and passionate. A real gem and 5 stars all day long."

Mr S, Witney

"As a fellow (retired) health professional I cannot recommend Anna highly enough. She is friendly, professional, knowledgeable, attentive, caring, thorough and goes out of her way to give you the time you need and the help you want."

Mr L, Witney

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.